Proposed Street Maintenance Schedule

View the anticipated road work in the Village. This list is subject to change, as circumstances and road conditions may change over time.

If you have questions or concerns about the proposed road work, please contact the Public Works Director, Ryan Welsing at 920 234-0305.

2019 Stonebridge Drive - Garton Road To Cobblestone Drive
2020 Forest Hills Drive- South Wisconsin Drive to Appletree Road
2021 South Lincoln Drive - depending on budget Lee Avenue & McArthur 

2022 Audubon Road - Millersville Avenue to Oriole Lane
2023 Millersville Avenue - S. Wisconsin Drive East to Village Limits (project is dependent on Sheboygan County Scheduling)

Future Considerations

Carver Avenue - S. Lincoln to S. Washington Avenue
. Washington Avenue - Whittier Avenue to dead end
Armstrong Avenue - College Avenue to S. Wisconsin Avenue
Bluebird Road
Wilson Street/ Tyler Road
Kennedy Avenue- N. River Parkway to N. Wisconsin Avenue
Warbler Road - Oriole Lane to Goldfinch Lane

**Roads listed under future considerations may be combined depending on construction cost estimates.**
**Subject to change**