Recycling & Trash Collection

Trash Collection

The Village contracts with Advanced Disposal Services for the collection of garbage and recyclables. Pickup day is Monday, unless a holiday falls on a Monday, then pickup day is Tuesday. Please have your garbage and recyclables curbside by 6:45 am.

To prevent your trash or recycling from being left at the curb, please follow proper trash-handling procedures, which have been established by Advanced Disposal Services, to comply with state law and to provide a safe work environment for their employees. Trash or recycling which does not comply will be tagged by Advanced Disposal's drivers, and left behind. View a sheet you can print out of proper trash handling guidelines (PDF).

Recyclables should be properly separated (see below) from garbage. Any recyclables not properly separated or garbage not in clear plastic bags may be refused for collection. All recyclables, including paper and cardboard, should be placed in blue recycling bags (cardboard may be in bags or bundled and tied). Recyclables should never be placed loose at curbside.

Please note that violations of the Village's recycling ordinance can lead to fines of $25 to $500 for each offense.

Can that be placed curbside??

  • Construction debris, concrete and rubble must be disposed of at the owner's expenses through private contracting.
  • Empty oil, lacquer and latex paint cans should be allowed to dry out and then may be placed with the other garbage.
  • Oil filters and blacktop seal cans can be placed with the garbage.
  • Cooking oil can be placed in a sealed can or jar and placed in the garbage.
  • Light bulbs (except florescent), mirrors, window glass, ceramic and china can be placed in the garbage.
  • Lids from jars, bottles or other containers should be placed in the garbage.

Curbside Recycling

State law requires individuals to recycle. To help facilitate this, the Village provides for the curbside collection of the the following categories of recyclables: 

  1. Paper/Cardboard
  2. Plastics (Numbers 1 through 7)
  3. Glass
  4. Aluminum
  5. Tin

View a printable page of Proper Recycling Guidelines (PDF).

Recyclables are now picked up every week.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Recycling Questions:

  • Cardboard, newspapers, and magazines can be recycled together, and can even be mixed with plastics, tin or glass. Cardboard can be bundled and tied, or placed in a blue recycle bag with the other recyclables.
  • Broken recyclable glass bottles should not be recycled. Please place in garbage.
  • Aluminum foil, pie pans or aluminum food trays are recyclable, but must be cleaned. If traces of food cannot be removed, these items should be placed in the garbage.
  • All plastics (labeled #1-#7) should be recycled. Caps should be removed and placed in the garbage.
  • Cardboard cereal boxes, paper towel & toilet paper rolls are recyclable.
  • Juice boxes, ready-to-drink orange juice containers, milk cartons, and many frozen meal boxes are too heavily waxed and are not recyclable. Dispose of in the regular trash.